“You hurt me not because you have someone, it’s because it’s too sudden.”
“I don’t feel betrayed, I feel being lied.”
“It’s not because I had thoughts that we can be together, It’s because you gave us too much to expect you love us the way we do.”
“I’m tired”
“I know someday, I will be happy for you and coolly say “Go for it” but sadly, not this time.
I am not brave enough to support you. I’m a failure fan. Sorry!”



so this is after sex image then

About Mnet blurring Kris face, I guess it’s not right to do that. Kris was still part of EXO. He is still under SM!  That shoot was right before that lawsuit so, I guess it’s not really a big deal letting Kris face shown there. I’m really upset of what happened! I would understand if they don’t use Kris’ face after the lawsuit for some reason they called respect but why I feel Kris’ was being thrown now? OMGG~

chanyeol fell asleep in a different room u___u

 Exo - 2014 Dream Concert

girl… your knee tho (●´ω`●)

It must be awkward… lol